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World Concertina Day  -  Thu 15th February 2024

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An ominous and scary figure --- standing in front of a suit of armour!
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Report and photos by Karen.

Once more, Kettle Bridge Concertinas were able to mark World Concertina Day with a demonstration session at Maidstone Museum.

As it was half term, the museum enjoyed a steady number of visitors through its doors. We were seated in the old, main entrance and were being watched by many portraits hanging on the walls and, in addition, two men in suits of armour kept perfectly still and seemed unmoved by the music!

Our brief was to entertain the visitors for a few hours with some performances but also to promote the concertina and pass on its history. In particular, we wanted to commemorate the inventor of the concertina, scientist Sir Charles Wheatstone. Visitors were able to closely inspect and handle the club concertinas and there was much interest generated.

During the course of the event, we played a wide selection of pieces. From folk tunes, musical numbers and old classics such as Moon River and Try a Little Tenderness, KBC demonstrated the concertina's versatility.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable session and hopefully raised the profile of our favourite musical instrument.