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West Farleigh Fireworks  -  Fri 3rd November 2023

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The Old School Samba Band do their stuff.
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Report and pictures by Karen.

West Farleigh Fireworks

After a week of damp and unsettled weather, the rain finally stopped at 5:30pm and our friends in The Old School Samba Band opened the eveningís entertainment soon after. We followed with our twenty minute slot, thankfully in the marquee, adjacent to the bar and played a variety of tunes including The Wellerman, Swing Low Sweet Chariot and Jungle Book. A new tune in the repertoire was Handelís Music for the Royal Fireworks which had been renamed in honour of the West Farleigh Fireworks!

There was a generator running next to the Kettle Bridge Concertinas band and this, together with the spectatorsí excitement building for the firework display, resulted in a rather challenging situation for playing the concertina. As the band increased in volume in order to be heard, they had to compromise on the all important dynamics!

Having said all that, it was a great family friendly event and the firework display was spectacular!