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Kettle Bridge Concertinas

Concertina group based in Maidstone, Kent, UK

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Kettle Bridge Clogs

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Dancing over the Kettle Bridge on May Day

Dancing over the Kettle Bridge on May Day

Kettle Bridge Concertinas was originally formed by members of the Kettle Bridge Clogs morris dancing side which is based in Maidstone, Kent. The morris side was established in 1985 and specialises in the North West style of clog dancing.

The name originates from the 'Kettle Bridge' an ancient wooden bridge which used to cross the River Medway between Barming and West Farleigh. By tradition, Kettle Bridge Clogs dance in procession across the new 'Kettle Bridge' each May Day evening at 7.15pm prompt to mark the start of the dancing season.

The team performs all over Kent at local events and venues, but also travels further afield. They have danced at festivals and Morris gatherings all over England as well as in Canada, France, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Scotland, Turkey and the United States.

Kettle Bridge Clogs performing

Kettle Bridge Clogs performing

The band which accompanies the dancing play a combination of the instruments which traditionally accompany North West Morris, including accordion, melodeon, fiddle and (inevitably) concertina as well as percussion (to keep the dancers in step!). The tunes played for the dances are a mixture of traditional English folk tunes, military marches and more modern tunes from sources as diverse as Music Hall and the world of pop.

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