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West Farleigh Village Picnic  -  Sun 5th September 2021

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Report by Sue.

West Farleigh Picnic

Sheltering under the gazebo.

An amazingly hot day greeted us on the village green. Our gazebo offered a small amount of shade, as did the tiny tree next to it we had to tie the branches up to be able to sit underneath!

It was so good to be out playing again and we did a pretty good job and received many compliments from the listeners. Our quiet sound in the open air contrasted with the Old School Samba Band, so there was something for everyone! We performed two short sets and there were some lovely solos from Pat as an introduction to one or two of the more "thoughtful" tunes.

The Good Intent did well in providing much needed cold drinks, but what we forgot was to take a picnic. We were able to watch all the villagers eating theirs though!

Thank you to West Farleigh village committee for inviting us a lovely afternoon!