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Claire Wren Workshop  -  Mon 14th September 2020

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Report by Sue.

Picture of Claire Wren

Claire Wren

Claire Wren is well known to many of the Kettle Bridge members, and the wider concertina-playing community, particularly those that have attended the West Country Concertina Players weekend workshops, where she usually leads the band sessions. We were therefore extremely pleased to persuade her to “visit” our regular Monday group to run our second virtual workshop of the year via Zoom.

Count 4

Claire in action

Lesson 1 was to teach us how to count! She was accompanied by Muriel, the metronome, who, we quickly discovered, was actually in charge of the whole session. We were taught to listen to Muriel at all times and not to rely on our tapping foot which was probably just doing its own thing anyway!

We learned about time signatures, dividing notes, reading the rhythms, and the importance of ‘and’. Several orders for metronomes were placed in the days following the workshop!

Thank you Claire for a very informative and useful hour and we hope you will visit us again.

You can work with Claire playing duets via her YouTube channel: