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Dave Elliott Workshop  -  Mon 13th July 2020

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Report by Sue.

In order to give members a rest from Sue’s voice on a Monday afternoon, we thought we would have a go at bringing in some guest tutors. This actually proved to be quite easy to organise — there was no travelling involved, no overnight stays, no catering and everyone was available! The technology was new to everyone, and didn’t always co-operate, but we laughed through the tricky moments!

Picture of Dave Elliott

Dave Elliott

Our first workshop of 2020 was with Dave Elliott on “Concertina Repair and Maintenance”. Dave had just started to join our Monday playing sessions and offered to run a workshop for us on concertina maintenance. This was so that we would be brave enough to open up our concertinas and sort out any minor problems and keep our instruments going through this strange time of our playing lives.

Zoom session

Zoom Session

It was a very useful and interesting session, and Dave was able to diagnose a few problems for some of the members. Dave enjoyed it so much he asked to become a member of Kettle Bridge and now joins us on our “Zoom and Chat” and “Zoom and Play” sessions each week, with the added bonus of being available for consultations!

For more information about Dave, visit his website at