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Royal Star Arcade, Maidstone  -  12th and 19th December 2019

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12th December — A quick cuppa before we start.
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Report and photos by Steve.

For our 2019 Christmas busking, we had a couple of Thursday lunchtime slots in Royal Star Arcade in the run-up to the big day.

The format of both days was very similar. We had the same spot in the centre section of the arcade, close to the magnificent Christmas tree and adjacent to the sitting area. This meant that those who had stopped for a drink would be able to enjoy the festive music that we were providing. There was also plenty of seating for the musicians (as we like to call ourselves 😊).

We played from 11am until 2pm with a ˝ hour break for refreshments. We had 12 players for the first gig and a magnificent turn-out of 16 for the second Thursday. On both days, we had Alan on drum, trying to keep everyone in time, and Steve wielding bells and a collecting tin.

The arcade was reasonably busy with shoppers most of the time but our captive audience consisted of those who had stopped for a rest and coffee or lunch at the tables by the Christmas tree. Everyone seemed to enjoy our seasonal music and there were a few joining in with the well-known tunes. Some of the children also had a go with some spare bells.

Both days were a great success and enjoyable both for the players and audience. It was an excellent opportunity for the less-experienced members of Kettle Bridge Concertinas to play in public and everyone did very well. We also collected over £100 for club funds.

Finally, thanks must go to Sue for organising the events and to the Royal Star Café for putting up with us and being there when we needed refreshments. We would also like to thank Pad Thai Live and Kilburn Jewellers who both made donations. And we must not forget all the players who gave up their time to come and play and make the events so successful.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!