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Hammond Micro Car Collection Open Day  -  Sun 29th July 2018

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Welcome to the Hammond Micro Car Collection.
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Report and photos by Steve.

The Hammond Micro Car Collection, as its name implies, has an impressively large collection of small cars. Each year, they hold an open day at the museum, which is in Hawkenbury, near Staplehurst. They encourage all micro car enthusiasts to bring along their vehicles and the exhibition field was packed with cars.

For their 2018 open day, they asked us to provide some entertainment for the visitors by playing some concertina music. By a cruel stroke of fate, the appointed day was just about the only wet one we have had in an otherwise brilliantly dry and sunny summer. Thankfully, the organisers found us a dry spot to use in the refreshment barn.

Despite the weather, there was a steady flow of visitors to the site. We played three sessions and concentrated on popular tunes that the audience would recognise and even join in with. This proved very popular judging by the applause after each number.

After the first set, we had a break for coffee and this provided an opportunity for us to wander round the exhibits. Luckily, the rain had eased a bit by then.

The second session took us up to lunch time. Most of us had brought a packed lunch as the on-site catering was quite limited in choice. The food on offer at the Lamb Shack did look tempting, though.

Then it was time for the final round of music which we finished with stirring renditions of Rule Britannia and Thaxted.

Thanks go to the organisers for making us so welcome especially finding us a dry place to perform in!